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Net Lease

Fortress has over 20 years of experience in credit and real estate investing, which forms the foundation of our net lease underwriting approach.

Fortress PWS - Introduction to Net Lease Investing

Net Lease

What is a sale-leaseback?

In a primary sale-leaseback, a company sells and immediately enters into a long-term lease of its real estate with a third-party landlord, such as Fortress.

In a sale-leaseback, a company sells and immediately enters into a long-term lease of its real estate with a third-party landlord, such as Fortress. A sale-leaseback provides an alternative to direct ownership of property and allows companies to convert an illiquid asset to cash, which they can utilize for a variety of business uses, while retaining long term use and full operational control of the property.

1 The Tenant sells their property to Fortress
2 Fortress pays for the purchase and immediately leases the property back to the Tenant
3 The Tenant pays rent to Fortress, with contractual annual rent increases, and is responsible for property taxes, insurance, maintenance & repairs
4 Fortress receives rent. At the end of the primary lease term, the Tenant has multiple renewal options with Fortress

Potential Benefits of a net lease to investors 

Predictable streams of cashflows without the management responsibilities.

We believe, that if structured correctly, net lease investments are a great way to access the benefits of real estate with known and predictable streams of cashflows and without the management responsibilities of real estate ownership, which would otherwise cause variability in that cashflow.

Long-term, Known & Predictable Income

Potential for stable income with contractual rent payments

Downside Protection

Protected by real estate in a downside scenario, unlike other fixed income alternatives

Inflation Hedge

Contractual rent escalators built-in to lease agreements and exposure to underlying real estate provide a potential inflation hedge

Real Estate Appreciation

Benefits from potential property upside via improvement in tenant’s credit or general market sentiment

Net Lease Opportunities

~$29 trillion of addressable sale-leaseback assets

There are approximately $29 trillion of addressable sale-leaseback assets across the U.S., Canada, and Europe across public and private markets. We believe there is vast and untapped opportunity in net lease for those select firms with the experience and expertise to capitalize.

We believe that companies may want to enter into a sale-leaseback for a variety of reasons, including potentially unlocking liquidity that is otherwise trapped in non-cash producing real estate, which can be used to further expand and enhance their businesses.

Source: Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ Pro as of March 26, 2024. Based on combined property, plant and equipment value across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Potential Benefits of a Net Lease to Corporations

Free up Liquidity

otherwise trapped in real estate assets

Opportunity to Reinvest Proceeds

towards a variety of business uses

Greater Flexibility

in structuring an arrangement that meets business needs, as compared to traditional financing

Operational Control

of the property

Potential Tax

where rent payments may benefit from better tax deductibility compared to interest expenses


may create security and stability

Resource Materials

PERE Net Lease Keynote Feature The Fortress Global Net Lease business has grown significantly over the last two decades. Key to this growth has been combining discipline in credit analysis with traditional real estate knowhow. Managing Director, Ahsan Aijaz, outlines the approach his firm is taking and where he sees the market heading.


White Paper | Net Lease Market Insights As both a strategic transaction for corporations and as a strategic allocation for investors, we believe the benefits of net lease have never been more pronounced or more relevant than they are today. We believe this is one of the most exciting times to be involved in net lease investing.


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